Kaizen International

Engineering, technical consulting, technical testing and analysis, computer programming and electrical installation

Electric and Instrumentation

  • On-site erection, installing and connecting of the equipment.


  • PLC and DCS cabinets for machines, production lines and plants automation Control, protection and measurement cabinets for production, transmission and distribution of electric energy
  • Switchboards for low-voltage distribution plants of various configurations, up to 3200 A
  • Control cabinets for motor control centres (MCC)
  • Cabinets for regulated electric-motor drives
  • Wall-mounted and standing pulpits
  • Junction boxes and other mechanical and electrical connecting components

We were involved with our partners in following Projects

  • Pickling Line, Revamping, Slovakia
  • Transport Tube Plant, Poland
  • Bar Mill, Mexico
  • Scrap Chrussher, Mexico
  • Hydrocracking Complex Urinj INA - Croatia
  • Shoping Centre ZTC - Croatia
  • Plava Laguna dd - Croatia
  • Rafinerija Rijeka Urinj - Croatia
  • Rolling Mill Plant, Al Yamamah Co., Yambu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Rolling Mill Plant, Stomana Pernik, Pernik, Bulgaria
  • Steel Making Plant, Acerias Paz del Rio S.A., Boyaca, Colombia
  • Steel Making Plant, Qatar Steel Complex, Doha, Qatar
  • Cooper Plant, HALCOR S.A. Metal work, Inofyta, Greece
  • Rolling Mill Plant, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia
  • Rolling Mill Plant, Sidenor, Azkoitia, Spain
  • Transport Handling System, Corinth Pipeworks, Greece
  • Mill Plant, Azov Steel, Ukraine
  • Paper Mill Plant, PSK, Teheran, Iran
  • Rolling Mill Plant, Sevestral N. America, Detroit, USA
  • Aluminum Mill Plant, Iisco India L.t.d., Durgapur, India
  • EAF, LRF, CCM, Deacero S.A., Saltillo, Mexico